This summer seemed to produce more dragonflies than usual. I love the delicate nature of these flying dragons; much more gentle than their name. This is my favorite. It was taken in our garden in late July.
red dragonfly


RGB (Red, Green, Blue) is the color protocol in almost all electronic viewing devices. The model is based on the way the human eye perceives color. There is no set standard for any of the three colors so the display of color images is device dependent. That is why it is important to calibrate equipment if we print photos and why our posted images might look different than how we thought they might look.

RGB is an additive model, the theory being that any color can be created by an additive combination of these colors. In contrast, most printers use a CMYK (cyan, magenta, yellow, black or “Key”) process which is subtractive; colors are made by subtracting from black. This is why getting a print just right can take some effort.

Here is my homage to red, green, and blue. All of the pictures were taken within a couple of hundred yards of each others. The alley window and wall were really this mellow blue, enhanced only by the morning light and shadows.

Farmers' Market Tomatos

Farmers’ Market Tomatos

Alley Window and Wall

Alley Window and Wall



Red Eye Special

The color red causes our hearts to race, especially when we see it flashing in our rearview mirror. The most emotionally tense color, red is often associated with passion, beauty, blood, anger, danger, and, in other cultures, happiness. In a photograph red can either be the focal point or a great accent. Either way, there is something about red that draws us into a longer look at an image.

As a primary color in traditional color theory and as an additive primary in modern RGB imaging technology, red often is often buried in combinations with other colors in a quiet supportive role. But red can also be the star.

These three pics were all taken on the same day. In the image of the front of a truck, shiny red is the star of the photo. In the old Mobil sign red is contrasted well with the black. I like the red fire hydrant in the stonewall photo because it brings a pop of color to the early morning, muted tones of the wall. I think it also adds interest with the juxtaposition of nature and a man-made element.

What do you feel or think when you see red?truckMobilfire hydrant

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