Butterflies, Dragonflies and Lubbers

In addition to the beautiful flowers and majestic trees in Naples Botanical Gardens, there is a vast array of the usual small insects as well as the occasional small alligator. In many ways I enjoy the animal life as much as the flora. I think they can add a life and energy to photos. There was the usual mix of dragonflies, butterflies, and bees.
butterfly and flower
I was also surprised by what, to me, was a giant grasshopper. The eastern lubber grasshopper (or sometimes just lubber) is about four inches long. It is only found in the southeast U.S. from Texas to South Carolina. To this northern gal this grasshopper was like a prehistoric beast. I was fortunate to catch a couple of photos in a very beautiful setting.
grasshopper and leaves
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Garden Flowers

The Naples Botanical Gardens is a wonderful treasureland for photographs; beautiful flowers in accessible settings. Here are some of the images I liked. My next post will feature a lubber and some other visitors to the Gardens.

blossom and sky
water drop
red leaf
magenta spikes

Shadows on a Pot

Shadows on a Pot

And an image of me before my morning coffee.
B. C. (before coffee)

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