Horse Apple Trail

Pat and I took a trip to the area around Shipshewana, Indiana (population 658 in 2010) this week. It was raining as we approached our destination, but that didn’t discourage this driver (or us) a bit.
The sun came out just as we reached our destination. After a quick coffee break, we decided to take the roads that had evidence of buggy travel . . . usually horse apples. We knew these roads would lead us to Amish farms. We saw beautifully kept horses used both for travel and work. horse
We also had a visit from a little bird that Pat wrote about in her blog (
We also saw many milk cows.

Camera Shy Calf

Camera Shy Calf

Probably one of the most unusual moments was to see this rather unusual barnyard creature.
Barnyard Camel

Barnyard Camel

My favorite picture of the day was this one of girls off an a trip together,
girls on bikes
More from Amish country next week.
camel head

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