Trillium is a genus of 40-50 species that bloom in the Spring . Many species are threatened or endangered. In Michigan, trillium is illegal to pick on public lands but a species that is not endangered may be picked on private land with the landowner’s permission. This shot was taken on a shooting expedition with my friend Pat ( ). It was a mostly sunny day at Hidden Gardens near Tipton, MI. It was shot with ISO 400 with a 300mm lens at f/10 and 1/640 of a second. The relatively fast speed was needed to deal with an early morning strong breeze Much that is “forbidden” can still be enjoyed in art . . . or in life! The other images (left) were captured the same day.

Tulips mixed colors

Swiss Church Window

Swiss Church Window

Although my photos are now shot with a Nikon 5100, this shot was with a good quality point-and-shoot Olympus camera. The lighting worked on an overcast day to capture the character of this wall. (C)2003

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