Long Live the King

A couple of monarch butterflies graced our Wednesday photo outing. The size and color of this royal milkweed butterfly make it the most recognizable of all butterflies. Perhaps that it is why it is king. Here are some images of this winged monarch.


The King

ascending to the throne

Ascending to the Throne

royal robes

The Royal Robes on Display


The King’s Dragon

at the ready

On the Throne

throneroom hustle

The Throne Room Hustle


The Kingdom


The Spiders’ Lair

I wandered today in the spiders’ lair

and found an awesome beauty there.

On the way I saw monarchs in place

and glimpses of the queen’s white lace.

The field had snappings dragons and dragons flying.

I even saw a dandy lion.

Intricate crafting of spider webs

caught my breath.

A beautiful weaving designed for death.

Poems are made by fools like me,

but only God can make a spider.   🙂



On the Road Again

After missing a few weeks because of travel and excessive heat, Pat and I hit the road yesterday and traveled the back roads. We saw three fawns, a juvenile (yearling), and two does. Here are some shots of other things we saw:


Butterflies Make Me Smile

Butterflies (of “flutterbys” when I speak with the grandkids) make me smile for many reasons. I enjoy their colorful beauty, their fluttering flight, and their strength despite their frail appearance. All these things make me smile.

I stopped at the Niagara Butterfly Conservatory near Niagara Falls, Ontario on the way home from a very nice visit with my mom for her 86th birthday. The conservatory houses and cares for 2000 butterflies (45 species) in a tropical setting that includes a waterfall, a gentle stream, and a high, skylit dome.

I also enjoy the incredible story of transition from caterpillar to butterfly. Transgender people, like me, have an attachment to butterfly imagery. Maybe that’s why butterflies make me smile.

Here are a few of my favorite pictures.

pastelonleavegreenandorangeblackaqusblckhold onwwfrontbigblue


I find myself in a reflection time of life in two ways. First, I am drawn to memories of days gone by. Second, images of life and nature that are more abstract seem to now draw my eye.

Pat and I traveled gravel roads for more than 3 hours on Thursday. We saw lots of turkeys (including a tom having his way with a member of his harem) and 10-12 deer. One of our photo stops was on a bridge over a gently meandering stream. This splash rope had a Norman Rockwell type of reflection.


These other photos are more abstract reflections of the shoreline and trees. I hope you can sense the quiet beauty in these shifting waters.




Maple Leaves



Fine Feathered Friends

I have hundreds of pictures of feathered wildlife, taken from around the country. These are some of my favorites. I enjoy taking wildlife photos.  There is skill and thrill without the kill. There is also the luck of being in the right place at the right time. I was going to rank these, but struggled. I need your help. Which image is your favorite? Tell me why, if you have a reason.






Kellogg Bird Sanctuary, Michigan






Jackson, Michigan


John Ball Zoo, Grand Rapids, Michigan


Naples, Florida


Jackson County, Michigan


Knoxville Botanical Gardens, Tennessee


Kellogg Bird Sanctuary, Michigan


Jackson County, Michigan


Jackson, Michigan

eagle toledo

Toledo Zoo, Toledo, Ohio


Big Red

These four photos are of Big Red, an iconic lighthouse in Holland, Michigan. The current structure is over 100 years old and is now more of a monument than a functioning lighthouse. You can read more of the history by Googling “Big Red”. The last two pictures use a special camera setting to get the watercolor effect (pun intended).


Knoxville Knews

Joanne and I visited friends in Knoxville, Tennessee over the Memorial Day weekend. Part of our visit included a visit to the Knoxville Botanical Gardens and Arboretum.  The gardens have a very lovely setting, but need a sugar daddy or corporate sponsor and a bunch of Master Gardeners. There were some lovely spots and moments. Here are some shots from the gardens. Thanks Nancy for the photo of Joanne and I in the big chair.



Lavender Ready to Bloom



Flowers, Fowl & a Bird

Friend Pat and I meandered over some gravel roads on a very beautiful day today in Jackson County Michigan. The sights, sounds, smells, and company all made for a delightful morning. Here is a bit of what we encountered:

poppypurple duoredwinglilactrilliumalumfamily outing

Wildflowers – Aqua

The coming of Spring has brought life to the water as well as the land. Here are some of the awakening underwater (mostly) wildflowers.





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