Wildflowers III (and wildlife)

The transformation to Hidden Lake Gardens in less than one week was astounding and, at times, a bit of sensory overload. The heavy rain followed by sunny days brought out new wildflowers, hosta, tulips, and bees. Thought for the day: All flowers trace their roots (pun alert) to wildflowers. Here are a few of my favorite shots from the day.

Wildflowers II

Friend Pat and I have decided to try and visit Michigan State University’s 755-acre Hidden Lake Gardens once a week for the next few weeks to show the progression of Spring through wildflowers and other changes. These photos are from Tuesday’s visit where we saw some flowers beginning to fade (like many daffodils), some peeking out, and others in full bloom.


My friend Pat returned from her Winter hideaway so we headed to Hidden Lake Gardens to see what wildflowers were out. The day started out cloudy, but the sun came out to make the lingering raindrops sparkle. It made for a fun outing.

Late Bloomers

Here are some late blooming (past mid-October) hosta images from right outside my front door.

Fall Colors

In addition to lines and curves from my last post. Pat and I saw some Fall colors. Having not had a hard frost yet, many summer colors were also still in bloom. Here is some of what we saw.

Curves and Lines

The artistic geometry of nature is astounding, if we take the time to look. Here is some of the Divine artistry that I saw on Tuesday’s outing with my friend Pat to the Hidden Lake Gardens.  

Monroe & West

At a traffic stop I did a double take and vowed to get my camera the next time in town (Jackson, Mi). The rather unusual street decoration was still there. Here are a couple of shots from the corner of Monroe & West.

Fowl and Fair

It was fair weather – a beautiful morning – to take fowl photos. Enjoy.

God’s Trumpets

Pat and I traveled to the Kellogg Bird Sanctuary to visit the swans and other waterfowl (a future post). Maybe it’s because I played the trumpet for many years, but I have an affinity for the grace and hauntingly engaging call of the trumpeter swans . . . God’s trumpets. Here are some trumpeter swan images I hope you enjoy.

York Minster

York Minster was built on the ruins of a Roman army outpost primarily tasked with protecting Hadrian’s Wall. The cathedral is big and beautiful. Here are some stained glass windows I was able to photograph and a statue that moved me.