For those following my photoblog, I am very pleased to announce that three of my works will be included in an exhibition at the Pittmann-Pucket Gallery in the Affirmations building, just outside of Detroit. The exhibition features works by trans artists from Michigan and Ontario. The exhibition runs from March 26th through April 24th. The three works I submitted are each in a different…

December Photos

Despite cold temperatures and seemingly infinite clouds, Pat and I were able to get out and get some pictures. The captions pretty much explain the pics. Hope your Christmas was merry. (We got our 7th grandchild!). Best wishes for a happy and fulfilling New Year.

Number 1 for 2014

In contrast to the #2 photo, the top photo of the year came as the result of a surprise moment. I wasn’t out seeking photos, but was simply walking past our small flower garden to our front door when I saw the daisy and frog duo below. I got my camera as quickly as possible and came back to find the frog willing to…

Sunrise and Falling Leaf #4

Number four in the hit parade as determined by the panel of judges (aka me) was this autumnal image. I knew I had the sunrise flare, but I wanted a singular falling leaf in the image as well. I waited patiently for one leaf (not more) to be in the frame and in relative focus. I’m not an Ansel Adams, who would often wait…

2014 #9

I took a lot of pictures of spider webs this year. The early morning dew and the rising sun give a sparkling radiance to a beauty we often overlook. The architecture of spider webs can range from simple to amazingly complex. Number 9 in the 2014 countdown (as determined by our esteemed one-person panel) was taken in a bird sanctuary just east of Jackson,…

More Webs

For all the aracnophiliacs (and those who prefer just the webs), a few more spider creations.

Mystic Mushrooms

Here are some more mushroom shots from Mystic Lake.

For the Birds

Having heard that the Toledo Zoo was ranked in the top ten in the country, Pat and I headed there to see if we agreed. While the zoo was clean and beautifully landscaped, it doesn’t make my top ten . . . especially for photographers. The zoo has very little clear viewing of the animals. That said, we were able to get some nice…

Civil War Faces

I set the Wayback Machine to the Civil War, stepped in, and pulled the start lever. To my consternation (but ultimate enjoyment) the machine took me to a Civil War reenactment camp in 2014. (I do have to get that thing fixed!). Hope you enjoy the faces of the Civil War reenactment. The participants came from all over the country and stayed in character…

Dragon Hunt

Okay, so it was a dragonfly hunt. Dragon hunt sounds more adventuresome and likely to attract your attention, so I used that title. Hope you enjoy the dragon . . . I mean dragonfly . . . images.