I had an opportunity on Sunday to visit and speak at one of Jackson County’s Historical sites, the Unitarian Universalist Church of East Liberty. The church was built in 1881 and the school next door (also an historical site) was built in 1886 and used as a school until 1956. Here are some images from the visit.

Oscar and Felix

Two former university colleagues of mine live about a quarter of a mile. One was head of the religion department and the other (sometimes with his wife) teaches ecology, among other science courses. One has a chemically treated weedless, leafless, manicured ;awn and yard. The other yard is more organic with both wild and domestic flowers. One yard has more varieties of hosta plants…

Old School

On the same outing that led us to the field of wildflowers, Pat and I came across a school building from 1850. Stone is plentiful in glacier carved Michigan and was often used for construction. This field stone building was in use until 1955. survived an effort to condemn the building, and became the labor of love of a group seeking to preserve this…

Silos, Steeple, and Cupola

It rose like a keep from the ruins of an ancient castle. There was a majestic presence and a girth that made this silo a special find. Pat’s husband had told her about the location of a wooden silo, so we set out in search of this rarity. What we found was a silo nearly twice the diameter of most silos made of curved…

Hey! Make room for me.

This yellow flower wasn’t going to be bullied by bigger flowers. It pushed on through to find the sun.

Happy 4th!

This photo is from the Toledo Zoo; taken with a telephoto lens through the mesh surrounding the eagle. No eagles were harmed in the taking of this image of our country where all have the inalienable right to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.


Tulips are almost gone for the season. Here are some of my favorite tulip shots from this year. These tulips are from our garden. As always I appreciate your comments.

Winter’s Last Gasp

Even with the occasional snowflake the last few days, I hope it is winter’s last gasp and spring is really here. Here are some of my reasons for hope.

Miscellaneous Florida

Here are a few final shots from my Florida trip. They didn’t easily fit into other categories, but I thought them worth sharing.

Feathery Things – Part 1

The Everglades are teeming with all kinds of birds; fowl, scavengers, predators, and other bird words. Here is Part 1 of a 2-day feathery things post. (A Great Egret in the background and a Glossy Ibis foreground.)