Gravel, Wildflowers & Visitors

Pat and I were south of Homer, Michigan in Amish country. We found the kind of gravel roads we seek and it turned out to be a day of wildflowers (and a few other things). I could not get a poem out of my head as we enjoyed a very beautiful morning. The poet is Gerard Manley Hopkins. Maybe the images will speak to…


My friend Pat posted a delightful account of the last ramble we took at  . You can compare her subject matter with mine to see how we often see things differently . . . part of what makes for the joy we have in our outings. Pat is an extraordinary friend. Our outings are usually the highlight of my weeks. I offer one photo from…

Rambling Roads

With Pat back from her hiatus, we took to the open road on Tuesday. We look for roads less traveled in part because we can drive slower and see more. Here is some of what we saw.

At the Zoo

With three grandkids and two more grandkids from our “Swiss daughter”, we took a trip to John Ball Zoo in Grand Rapids, Michigan. Zoos can be a photographic challenge due to the fact that you often have to shoot through glass, bars, or mesh. That said, here are some photos from the fun had by all.

In the Conservatory with the Camera by Dr. Julie

Actually, the first 10 photos are from recent trips to two conservatories: Hidden Gardens near Tecumseh, MI and Meijer Gardens in Grand Rapids. Conservatories have a mixture of the opportunity to take pictures of plant life not common to your area (saving by not traveling to the tropics) and some challenges. The muted lighting in conservatories sometimes may require a flash to get the…

Lighthouse, Lake & Beach

Michiganders will likely recognize the distinctive lighthouse at the Holland Harbor entrance. The building was constructed in 1907 and is an historic landmark. I am usually careful to check my camera settings before heading out to shoot, but this time I didn’t. My camera was set to use a special effect setting. I liked the images and share some of  them with you. I…

Dr. Mallard

In my homage to NCIS, here are some Mallard photos from the Kellogg Bird Sanctuary.

Trumpets and Mutes

In addition to the singular Australian Black Swan, the Kellogg Bird Sanctuary has a few dozen white swans. The white swans are trumpeter swans (all black beak) and mute or common swans (orange beak). Here are some white swan photos and one interloper.  


Sometimes the subject matter of the day lends itself to reflections in impressionistic images from the water or very stark modern geometric art. Here are a couple of images of both from last weeks bird sanctuary outing.  


We took a rather circuitous (think lost) – but scenic – route to get to the bird sanctuary last week. Deciding to enjoy the moment, we stopped and took some pictures on the way. The red-bud and dogwood were in full bloom and seemingly everywhere. Here is some of what we saw on the way and a scenic shot from the bird sanctuary.