Three Bees and a Grasshopper.

The title says it all except for noting how full the pollen sacks are in the second picture.

Sacred Ground

Near where I live is a sacred burial ground that was once used by the Pottawatomie native Americans. It was also the area where the settlers first inhabited the town that I live in. The transfer of land was peaceful unlike much of the settler land that was taken by violence. White people and Pottawatomie people actually lived together as neighbors. A dear friend…

One More Time

Some of you may be getting tired of barnwood. Others, I know, love the grain and etched aging of this wood. I will try to not post about barnwood for awhile. Try. These shots are all from one barn. I started shooting what I could from the shoulder of the road when a woman came out to greet me. She asked what I was…


For my digital editing I use Lightroom 5. It is an Adobe product designed for photo editing (unlike the more expensive Photoshop which is designed more for graphic design). I rarely do more than very mild adjustments. Even in strong adjustments, I probably don’t use more than 50% of Lightroom’s capabilities. I thought you might be interested in seeing some of what can be…


This past week I have been concentrating on making some of my shots work in a 1 by 1 or square ratio. I think this format works particularly well with flowers. Here are some of the results of this exercise.

The Blue Car

On the way home from my dentist’s office this brightly painted car – shining in the sun – caught my eye. It was in a vacant lot on one of Jackson’s busiest streets. I pulled into the lot and snapped a few photos of a very beautifully detailed car. If you know make, model, and/or year of this car, please post that information as…

Somerset Corner

A good exercise for mindfulness and developing a photographer’s eye is to confine yourself to a small area and take note of what you see. These pictures were all taken from one intersection in the town of Somerset.

Field of Dreams

Pat and I both enjoy the beauty of wildflowers (see her pics at ). Driving down a gravel road, we were awestruck at the beauty of a large field of wildflowers. The field was about an acre with beauty everywhere. A gentle breeze, low humidity, and a mild temperature made this an idyllic stop. The memory of this great find was with me…

The Trestle

Pat and I enjoy discovering and photographing old railroad trestles. This trestle was discovered on the Grand River near Rives Junction, Michigan. There was a viewing point pull off that made landscape pictures possible. I wanted some close-ups and some shots from the bridge. To get to the trestle I fought my way through the forest primeval. To my surprise, I came upon a…


Much like my previous post on barnwood, I also find a beauty in the aging process of metal. These images are from outside of the Beach Bar, a local hangout for nearly 70 years. For me, the blending of oranges, reds, and purples that make up rust become an abstract work of art unlike anything man can make. Enjoy rust.