Hangin’ Around

At the Hidden Lake Gardens, these are some shots that qualify for the title.


Easter is very much about the reality of death and the promise of life. These two images are intended to suggest both death and life.

The Hope of Spring

The conservatory at Hidden Lake Gardens has a modest collection of flowers from various climates in three different rooms. During a recent visit the amaryllis were the star of the show. My friend Jill and I both felt a renewed hope in the not-too-distant emergence of Spring flowers. Here are a few shots from the conservatory.

Winter Reflections

It has been cold, here in Michigan. These are a few winter scenes from a nearby pond; one of many. Michigan’s high water table creates many of these ponds in Southern Michigan. These images are best viewed from a warm setting. 🙂

Other Nominees

In this season of movie-related nominations and awards, I thought I might share a few other pictures that were considered for my 2015’s top photos.

The final post (for now) of images from the Kellogg Bird Sanctuary is a variety of images taken from the 1.5 mile trail around the lake. Learn more about the sanctuary here. I suspect most of you have noticed I have started putting a copyright notice on my pictures. A number of you have encouraged me to do so and it is probably something…

Waterfowl and Red Tail Hawks

The Kellogg Bird Sanctuary is the largest off-sight research area of Michigan State University. In addition to the swans of the previous post, there are also other waterfowl and the occasional rescue birds. Here are some of the other members of the cast.


My spouse and I were able to visit the Kellogg Bird Sanctuary on Friday; her first visit. In addition to the most common swan – the Mute Swan – the sanctuary hosts Trumpeter Swans and an Australian Black Swan. The Mute Swan has an orange beak and the Trumpeter Swan has a black beak (although immature Trumpeter Swans have a red and black beak)….


The smells and sounds of Autumn have started here in Michigan as well as some great Fall colors. In some spots everything is still green, but in other spots colors are near their peak.

Fading Gold

When the Golden Hour (see yesterday’s post) begins to fade, there is a shorter period where other pastel shades have their moment. Here are some shots from the same captivating farmscape during the time of the fading gold.