Done well, art quickens our senses and awakens us to the beautiful and diverse world both around us and within us. Some art calls us to reflect . . . about the work of art, the artist, the experience, ourselves, and, sometimes, much more.

To me photography is a form of meditation. Capturing a bit of God’s creation (or what humankind does with that creation) with a photo often gives me a fresh glimpse of The Divine . . . the mystery, beauty, and even humor of God. But serious photography is more than trying to capture a snapshot of a moment. Photography, as art, also displays the soul-vision and personality of the photographer. My photography is both a reflection of the world around and the person within. Your perspective in viewing my photographs adds yet another dimension to the image.

I normally post 1-3 times a week with a few photos and my brief comments. Sign up for an email alert when a new picture is up. My blog is designed to be conversational, so please share your comments, critiques, and responses to my images, thoughts, or both. If you would like technical information about any of the pictures, just let me know.

Julie Marie


All images are copyrighted. Please respect the copyright law and contact me if you would like a print.

Thoughts? Share them here.

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