Cacti. Yes, they are sharp. But, like most of creation, they have an inherent beauty. I hope you can see the beauty in these stingers from  Frederick Meijer Gardens.






Red-Headed Irishman


Hairy Harry




Mums the Word

Mums the word. Pumpkins too, at Meijer Gardens Fall display. I have some Mum shots, some pumpkin photos, and a few special effects shots. Hope you enjoy this Fall splash of colors.onewcattailsrowssnakespinkpumpkinspumpkins2Red xtramixed xtra

Surfs Up

My youngest son and I set out to catch some waves (with our cameras, not our surfboards) in two Lake Michigan harbors with lighthouses. We went first to South Haven, Mi and then to Holland, Mi. We had heard there were 8-10 foot waves and we were not disappointed.

The howling wind made keeping stable a major effort (I almost got blown over!) and the cold, damp wind cut through every layer and went straight to our bones.

There were reported to be 26 foot waves in Lake Superior, but that’s too far to catch some waves. Hope you can experience the power of the shorelines in these photos. The first four are from South Haven. The next four from Holland.

SH 5SH 3SH 4SH 9H 1H 4H 5H 3

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