Iximche Mayan Ruins

After our visit in Colombia, we went to Guatemala to visit my brother Paul, and his spouse Bev, who live in Antigua, Guatemala. We did some sightseeing by visiting an interesting museum in Guatemala City and later a trip to Lake Atitlan – a volcanic crater lake covering over 50 square miles. On the way to Lake Atitlan we visited the ruins of the ancient Mayan capital city of Iximche . Both links are worth checking out if you wish to know more about the lake or the ruins.

I am fascinated by the advanced culture of the Mayan people. Their building design and construction are incredible as were their very advanced mathematical skills. Iximche is hard to capture in photos, but I hope you get a sense of the mystical power of this place from these pictures.


One of the Mayan “Rosetta Stones” that helped archeologists learn the written language.


Our very knowledgeable Mayan guide showed us how to climb the very narrow space-saving steps.


Our guide also explained the Mayan mathematical symbols that can still be found on the Guatemalan currency.


The compounds of 5-6 clans make up the site, although not all have been excavated. Iximche is at an elevation of over 7000′ with deep ravines surrounding it.


What is left of what would have been a larger structure with wood framing and thatched roof on the top.


Going up.


Iximche is still considered a sacred site by the Mayan people. All of the clan compounds had fire pits for ceremonial purposes. Some – like this one – are still used today.


Flowers growing out of rock always amaze me.


More flowers at the ruins.


Goodby to Iximche.


3 Comments on “Iximche Mayan Ruins

  1. Nice photos. It looks like a nice place to visit. Missing you.

    • Thanks Pat. I miss you too. Let me know when you want to visit Meijer Gardens or when the 4 of us can meet in Lansing for supper.

      • Will do – we seem to almost be past the returning to Jackson rush of appointments, etc.

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