The Hobbit House

My sister may be part Hobbit. Her house has a Hobbit look to it and her gardens (both floral and edible) occupy over 400 square feet. Due to a stroke when she was 50, my sister is unable to use power tools or even standing tools. She created and maintains her gardens with a spade on her hands and knees. She even turned over sod this way to add new garden space for fruits and vegetables. Typically she works in her gardens from 6 AM to noon, weather permitting. I am very proud of my sister.portalhobbit houseyardpotsblossomflower2lilyflower3bench


I found myself thinking of textures and computer backgrounds during Wednesday’s photo outing. These photos show various textures, but also make good photo backgrounds. Feel free to make any your own computer background.




On Wednesday, Pat and I meandered along delightful gravel roads – including one Natural Beauty Road – on our way to Hidden Gardens and Tecumseh. The journey was even more fun than the destination. Here is some of what we saw:









Long Live the King

A couple of monarch butterflies graced our Wednesday photo outing. The size and color of this royal milkweed butterfly make it the most recognizable of all butterflies. Perhaps that it is why it is king. Here are some images of this winged monarch.


The King

ascending to the throne

Ascending to the Throne

royal robes

The Royal Robes on Display


The King’s Dragon

at the ready

On the Throne

throneroom hustle

The Throne Room Hustle


The Kingdom


The Spiders’ Lair

I wandered today in the spiders’ lair

and found an awesome beauty there.

On the way I saw monarchs in place

and glimpses of the queen’s white lace.

The field had snappings dragons and dragons flying.

I even saw a dandy lion.

Intricate crafting of spider webs

caught my breath.

A beautiful weaving designed for death.

Poems are made by fools like me,

but only God can make a spider.   🙂



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