The White Barn

Yesterday, Pat and I meandered through at least two counties on yet another photo safari. We saw at least a dozen deer, 15 or so turkeys, four Sandhill cranes, five turkey vultures, and one rabbit. We saw hundreds, if not thousands, of wild flowers. But Pat was on a mission to find a good old barn (and she had the wheel). So when I saw this white barn so near to the road, I knew we would be stopping. I am glad we did.

The more I age, the more I appreciate the majestic beauty of age. It is a quiet, gentle beauty that presents itself and invites a deeper look. I hope my photos help you see the beauty in this aged white barn.



9 Comments on “The White Barn

  1. Oh! That white barn is Right up my Alley,….delicious textures, peeling paint and atmosphere!

  2. I love barn photos! These are beautiful details. Makes me want to know the story of that old barn!

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