Flora and Fauna

While I do take other pictures, my favorite photography is nature photography; the flora and fauna of our world. These ten images are mostly flora images, but there are two fauna interested in the flora. Pat and I went looking for a field of wildflowers we had seen in a previous photo safari, but couldn’t find it so we meandered on gravel roads to find other wild flowers. The hibiscus and butterfly images are from Pat’s very beautiful garden. I hope you enjoy them all at the link below.





End of Season



Weed Seeds


2 Comments on “Flora and Fauna

  1. LOL – did we go to the same places???? I will be posting what I saw in a little while – be prepared that I didn’t see what you saw.

    • We could be locked in a prison cell and shoot photos that wouldn’t seem like we were on the same planet. That’s what makes it fun! 🙂

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