Wild Flowers

When I left our condo to meet Pat, my spouse asked where we were headed. I replied “to gravel roads, blue skies, and the bluebird of happiness”. We found all three.

We went to the largest Audubon site in Michigan: The Phyllis Haehnle Memorial Sanctuary. As we stepped out from the woods, we were greeted with acres of wildflowers. These photos (click on the link to see them all) are all from that location.

One curious few minutes occurred when I unwittingly must have come near a bluebird nest. All at once I was attacked with fly-bys from bluebird Migs or F18s. They would fly directly at my face or the back of my head (never from the side) and then when they were 10-12 inches away, fly over my head. I stood transfixed for a few minutes and enjoyed the aerial display. Hope you enjoy the wildflower images and one guest of the flowers.


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