Flora and Fauna

While I do take other pictures, my favorite photography is nature photography; the flora and fauna of our world. These ten images are mostly flora images, but there are two fauna interested in the flora. Pat and I went looking for a field of wildflowers we had seen in a previous photo safari, but couldn’t find it so we meandered on gravel roads to find other wild flowers. The hibiscus and butterfly images are from Pat’s very beautiful garden. I hope you enjoy them all at the link below.





End of Season



Weed Seeds


Woman on a Mission

I was a woman on a mission; more specifically on Old Mission Peninsula north of Traverse City, Michigan. I joined my spouse for a trip to Traverse City — she for a conference and me to roam Old ¬†Mission and Leelanau Peninsulas. The two peninsulas form Grand Traverse Bay.

At 45 degrees north, the hills and protection from harsh winters (by being so close to water), make this great wine vines territory. The area also has both nature and man-made beauty. I hope you catch the spirit of this beauty from these  photos.



grape expectations

Grape Expectations


Cherry Orchard




Mission Point Lighthouse


Grand Traverse Lighthouse (Leelanau Peninsula)


Morning View



goldenflower with beered

at ease

At Ease

Pond Reflections

As we left the bird sanctuary on Thursday, we headed in the general direction of Chelsea; with side excursions down some gravel roads infested with biting flies. We didn’t get out.

Along the way we came across a couple of personal ponds. They both appeared to be spring fed. I enjoy the abstract, almost impressionistic, quality of water reflections. Here are some of the images plus proof that we made it to Chelsea.


Boat, Pond, & Sky


Boat & Bush




Bubbles and Waves

diving board and bridge

Diving Board & Bridge


Yes, we made it to Chelsea. No, we weren’t riding bikes!

Wild Flowers

When I left our condo to meet Pat, my spouse asked where we were headed. I replied “to gravel roads, blue skies, and the bluebird of happiness”. We found all three.

We went to the largest Audubon site in Michigan: The Phyllis Haehnle Memorial Sanctuary. As we stepped out from the woods, we were greeted with acres of wildflowers. These photos (click on the link to see them all) are all from that location.

One curious few minutes occurred when I unwittingly must have come near a bluebird nest. All at once I was attacked with fly-bys from bluebird Migs or F18s. They would fly directly at my face or the back of my head (never from the side) and then when they were 10-12 inches away, fly over my head. I stood transfixed for a few minutes and enjoyed the aerial display. Hope you enjoy the wildflower images and one guest of the flowers.


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