The Shack

Those that have followed my photo blog for some time know that I am partial to zoom lenses that can frame the picture in a variety of ways. Zoom lenses have some disadvantages (like more difficulty in low light situations and their weight) but I have preferred them for nearly 40 years for their ability to help frame the shot. They are especially valuable for wildlife photography.

The images that follow are taken from a stop Pat and I made on the way back from Naple’s Botanical Gardens. Pat had noticed a shack on the way to the gardens and pulled into an empty lot to get a better look. The first four images are taken from the same general spot, but with different size zoom settings¬†from my 55-300 zoom lens. The last picture adds a bit of human interest from a different angle. (Go to the link below to see all pictures.)

If you missed a post ( like my recent water lilies post), or want to see some earlier posts, you can always find them at .


A 62mm shot; slightly tighter than a standard 55mm fixed lens.


Same spot with a 86mm lens.


With a 110mm lens from the same spot.


240mm from the same spot.


Different spot with a little bit of human interest included/

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