Trumpets in the Sky

Once your hear the unique cry of Trumpeter Swans, it’s a sound you won’t forget. The Trumpeter population was nearly extinct in the early 20th century with a population in the U.S. of less than 70. Re-introduction of the species to its former range has been very successful with nearly 800 now living in  Michigan. You can find YouTube videos of the Trumpeter Swans’ honks and cries, but it is not quite the same as the inperson, noisy take-off and landings of these trumpets in the sky.


The Trumpeter Swan is very large, with wingspans and body lengths as long as 6 feet. This image gives you some idea of heir comparative size.


While graceful in the sky, take-offs and splashdowns are often both noisy and awkward appearing.


In Flight


Synchronized Swim Team


Committee Meeting


Head Shot


Glam Shot

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