Stone Mountain

Stone Mountain, GA is about 15 miles east of Atlanta. It is considered by many as the largest exposed granite dome in the world; 1686′ above sea level, 825″ above ground level, 5 miles around at its base, and some 9 miles down below ground. The massive rock mountain does contain some stone that is not granite.

The mountain’s north face contains the largest bas relief sculpture in the world.  The carving measures 90 feet tall, 190 feet wide and 11 feet deep. It spans 3 acres and is larger than Mount Rushmore. The profiles on Mt. Rushmore are 60′ tall. The Crazy Horse Memorial will become the largest sculpture (564′ by 640′) when completed.

Our visit to the mountain was part of our vacation visit with our youngest son and his family.


Cable cars or a 1.3 mile trail will take you to the top.


On first seeing this my youngest commented, “Oh, what a relief.” The figures, left to right, are Jefferson Davis, Robert E. Lee, and (ironically) “Stonewall” Jackson. There are plans to add a carving of Martin Luther King Jr. to the mountain. MLK’s “I Have a Dream” speech references Stone Mountain.


From the Top (looking South).


Bird’s Eye View


One of many trees growing out of the rock.


Son and Grandsons (Atlanta skyline too.)


Stepping Rain Water Pool (on the mountain top)


Wet Foot



There was a man roaming the tourist trap at the base of the mountain, whose job was to “blow” bubbles with his wands.




Bubbles in a Bubble



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