The Web

Pat yelled, “STOP!” (That’s our code word for slam on the brakes there’s something to photograph. . . as much as you can slam when doing 25 mph.). Then Pat, as navigator, commanded, “Back up”. (Pat likes short sentences.) That was followed with a milder “Stop.” and then “Look.”. The object of Pat’s attention was a web at least 2 feet across with connectors in both directions extending a total of 10-12 feet. I half expected the web to say “Wilbur is a Fine Pig.”

Spiders, in my opinion, are nature’s best architect. The glimmering, minuscule threads have to be strong enough to capture wayward prey, withstand rain and winds, all while being nearly invisible. Focusing a camera on a web takes a bit of work, but here is the best of what I managed. The wind blew just as I took the last image, but I liked it anyway.





A Connector


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