I haven’t written much about the process I go through after shooting 200-300 pictures in a photo outing, but, in many ways, this process is as significant as the actual picture taking. When I take pictures, I try to be mindful of light, shadows, background, composition, and [hyperbole alert!] a few hundred other things. Very rarely does the image I capture entirely satisfy me or capture what I saw in my mind’s eye.

In the 70’s I had a darkroom where I would print my own black-and-white photos. Today my darkroom is my computer and software.

So today I thought I might share with you the process I go through using a picture from our front yard. I use Lightroom as my developing tool. I usually make just a few adjustments. Sometimes I may make many adjustments; even changing the photo to black-and-white. The captions tell the story of one photo. As always, I welcome your thoughts and comments.

as shot

Here is the image as shot.

shadows darkened

I removed the distracting greens from the background pine and the purple flower in the lower right by darkening the shadows.

color adjustment

I adjusted the color slightly to enhance the prominence of the roses.


Finally I cropped the image to an 8 x 10 format suitable for printing and framing,

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