White Tree in Dandelion Field


Not sure what kind of tree this is (but welcome any suggestions or even identification!), but its stark whiteness in the midst of Spring greens, yellows, and sky blues made for a gripping image.


Pat and I were out for our usual meandering on gravel roads, but this time we had a destination . . . sort of. We decided to spend time in Amish country in a region not far from us. We had been told of a fantastic bakery which ended up being closed! Our travels did lead us to an usual lumbering operation. The large logs were being stripped, roughly sized, bundled, and loaded onto waiting trucks. I suspect that they were being sent for drying and final sizing elsewhere. Here’s what we saw.


Company Sign


From Logs to Lumber


From Cutting Area to Roadside

waiting truck

Waiting Truck


Serious Wheels


Ready for Loading


Bark Slabs for Sale

As always, I love to hear your thoughts and comments.

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