2015 Favorites

Here are my favorite top 7 pictures of 2015 with some brief comments on why the pictures made the cut from a few thousand choices. Which picture is your favorite?


I like this shot for three reasons. One, black swans are rare in the United States. Two, I love the playful shy pose. Three, I think the curves and textures make for a good picture.

This colorful image comes from a beautiful farm and a great illustration of what can happen in the “golden hour” just after sunrise and just before sunset. Pat and I came across this sight as we were wandering the roads and took pictures as fast as we could to try and capture some of the beauty of this morning before the gold faded.

I have been trying to capture a close-up of a Sandhill Crane for a few years. While they are abundant in this area, they are also very skittish. This one happened to be near a feeding spot where he was more comfortable with people. I moved slowly to get as close as I dared before catching this regal pose.

I love the beautiful images you can get with reflections. This winter image is from a small pond. The following image is from the Japanese Garden at Meijer Gardens in Grand Rapids,Michigan.jroad

Backlighting can have a dramatic effect. This cactus, with its sharp needles, almost has a soft fuzzy sense from the backlighting.

Although I aam not a cat person, if I had to pick one favorite for the year, I think this might be it. The cat was a resident in an antique shop. It may have been in the window to catch some sun before the store opened. It posed, without moving, to let me get this contrast between the chipped-paint windows and the implacable bundle of fur.

As always, your thoughts and comments are welcome.

2 Comments on “2015 Favorites

  1. They are all special in their own way! But… The black swan and the golden hour I guess are my favorites!

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