Calendar Girl

The last couple of years I have made photo calendars for our three “boys” (and their families), my mom, and our home. The project takes a bit of work as not every picture taken in a 2 x 3 format (the ratio of the image for most cameras) works in a 1 x 1 format (12″ square) for calendars. I eventually settled on these 13 photos; a cover and a picture for every month. Following all the pictures on this post, I have included a brief explanation of the how and/or why of the photos that I included with the calendars. Does this project make me a calendar girl? 🙂













Cover is an early morning shadow selfie

January was shot in our garden in June. The dark background is the shaded pine tree east of the garden. I selected a rose for Rose Bowl month.

February was shot at the Toledo Zoo in September. I put flamingos with February because I thought they had a Valentine’s Day look to them.

March is a tight close-up of a tulip in Holland, Mi.

April was shot in the botanical gardens in Naples, Florida. The lubber is about 4-inches long and caught my eye as a bit of a shock (having never see one before). The early morning light added a bit of drama to the image.

May was taken in an ancient Mayan village in Cozumel, Mexico. He was one of many roaming the rocks and ruins.

June was taken in our garden. I was coming up our walk and saw the frog gently perched on the daisy. I got my camera and took a few shots while the frog posed.

July was also taken at the Toledo Zoo. I bent over the restraining fence to put my camera lens through one of the gaps in the chain link fence and used a narrow field of focus to somewhat erase the chain link fence behind the eagle.

August was a midday shot from our garden.

September was taken at a Michigan State University bird sanctuary north of Battle Creek. The swan stopped to preen right underneath a footbridge I was crossing. The sanctuary also had trumpeter swans and a black swan.

October was captured along a dirt road 10-12 miles south of our condo.

November was shot just west of Spring arbor on M-60.

December was from a very early morning shoot on a cold Fall morning, The frost was just starting to melt. I picked it for December because of its colors.

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