2014 TOP TEN!

The panel of judges have completed their review of nearly 4000 photographs from 2014 and the results are in! Okay, I’m the only one on the panel but these are my top ten photos from 2015. Each is a favorite for various reasons. Some of the photos are from previous posts and some are brand new to this site. Today’s photo is #10.

This photo is a favorite because of the back story. Pat was driving us through the Everglades. The gravel road would frequently have places to stop where the foliage was back far enough to create a pond-like opening. There were Great Blue Herons, various kinds of egrets, a couple of species of ibis, anhingas, and many other smaller birds in various numbers in most of these stops. There were, of course, alligators and the rare crocodile. Yes, crocs exist, in very small numbers in the Everglades. I have a picture of one.

At one stop, the vehicle came to a stop along the right side of the road and I opened my door get out. I would typically looked down to make sure I wasn’t stepping in a puddle. This time, before I could look down, I heard a loud hissing sound. I looked up to the edge of the water, about 12 feet away, and saw the head of a an alligator. I looked down and saw its tail.

I suggested to Pat that she pull up a bit . . . fast! She did and I got this picture of the head of the smiling gator that kindly suggested I not step on his (her?) tail.

The Kindly Gator

The Kindly Gator

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