Over the weekend Jo and I had the privilege of taking two of our grandkids to Grand Camp (for grandparents and their grandchildren). The camp was the YMCA camp on Mystic Lake near Lake, Michigan. The event was promoted (and sponsored, I think) by AARP. We had a fantastic time and came home exhausted. The camp had a lot of activities and a very beautiful setting. The area’s ecosystem must be perfect for mushrooms because I saw more varieties of wild mushrooms than I knew existed. For me mushrooms have a sensuous beauty that I hope you can sense in the pictures I will share over the next few days. As always I welcome your thoughts and comments . . . especially if you can identity any of the mushrooms.red and yellow3
in hidimg
mushroom and stick

One Comment on “‘Shrooms

  1. How pretty. They remind me of all the mushrooms we saw in the NW rain forest.

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