P – I – Z – Z – A

One of the first words my oldest grandson learned how to spell was “pizza”. He is still a huge pizza fan and enjoys going to the place Pat and I went to after our latest shoot together. My small town is privileged to have the only wood-fired pizza place in the Jackson area. While I generally prefer Chicago-style deep dish pizza, the offerings at Slice of Spice are all delicious.

When you enter you are greeted by a classic message board with specials and soups of the day listed.

The next thing to catch your eye is the 700 degree oven and the beautiful decor decked out for Chritmas.



If you look closely around the corner from the oven, you can see the pizza dough prepped for topping and cooking to order.

At departure – after good food and good conversation – these happy travelers above my head caught my eye. They seemed to emulate the feeling of the happy customers filled with p -i -z- z- a.
happy travelers

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