Pot or Potter

Growing up our middle son was often called “oops” by his brothers. This was due, in part, to his propensity for breaking or dropping things (like the time hot harvard beets were dropped onto an off white carpet). In college, Mike took up pottery and became quite accomplished. His unintentional destructive tendencies did linger though. Potters often call dropped pots “garden pots” because while they might no longer be considered fine art, they were sometimes still suitable for garden art.

The pictures below are of such a “garden pot” by Mike. In the brief moments of sunshine allowed us yesterday, I took these shots from our back deck. They made me reflect on two things. The first was of the biblical image of God as potter and us as the clay that needs to be molded and finished. This spiritual lesson has become part of my life walk; calling on God to mold me into the person God would have me be.

The second reflection was on the usefulness of the broken. Some rather severe health issues have made it necessary for me to back off from volunteer multiple board responsibilities that I enjoyed. That said, I recently spoke at a conference and was pleased at the very positive response to my remarks. It was a reminder that God uses broken pots as well as those that are whole. I guess God also uses cracked pots and crackpots like me.


One Comment on “Pot or Potter

  1. Julie, beautifully written. I look forward to seeing more post like this.

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