I enjoy taking portraits when people are not aware that their picture is being taken. I think you have a better chance of portraying the personality and character when they are not posing for a picture. Here are an almost handful of my favorites. Their vocations are a middle school teacher, a brilliant civil rights activist, an author preparing for a book signing, and a Michigan icon (with a University of Michigan building named after him). These are all good friends that have used the captures of them I sent them. Hope you enjoy the pics. As always, your thoughts and comment are welcome.

Middle School Teacher

Activist for Social Justice

AuthorLGBT Early Activist

5 Comments on “Portraits

  1. Great images, Julie….it would seem you have captured something of each individual in these.

    • Thanks again. Each of the targets of the photos have said the same thing. As I said in my post, I think catching people unawares makes this more likely.


      “Not all who wander are lost.” – Tolkien See my photoblog at juliemariepics.com

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