Camera as Paintbrush

The last butterfly picture from my previous post was a lucky accident. I happened to take the picture just as the butterfly was flying away. I posted the image because I liked how it captured the flightiness of butterflies.

When using our cameras we often use verbs like take, capture, or shoot to describe our actions because they accurately describe the approach we use to get an image. We forget that the camera can often be used like a paintbrush to create images. In addition to using the various settings available on our cameras to create impressionistic images, we can also simply use the camera. The three pictures below were taken in sequence.

The first is a “capture” of pretty flowers in rather dull lighting. The next picture was created with moderate, deliberate camera movement, and the third creation used the camera as a paintbrush to create an impressionistic portrayal of the beauty of the flowers.  Happy painting.



3 Comments on “Camera as Paintbrush

  1. Hmm, like the completely abstract, paintbrush stroke?, appearance of the last one.

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