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The Butterfly Conservatory in Niagara Falls, Ontario is home to nearly 3000 butterflies representing 45 species. The lush tropical climate is navigated with a nearly quarter-mile walkway through various levels. A small waterfall and stream add a gentle sound as well as beauty. My spouse and I stopped there Tuesday on the way back from a visit to my mom. She lives in upstate New York.
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Taking pictures of butterflies is never very easy. If the wings aren’t moving, the antennas are or the plants they are resting on are blowing in the breeze. The fans in the conservatory created a gentle breeze which helped mitigate the humidity but didn’t move many of the plants. The gentle lighting (on a sunny day) through the translucent windows was wonderful for pictures.
Stepping into the room was a breath-taking experience as the entire area was aflutter. In addition to their beauty, there is an almost magical quality in the presence of these creatures which appear so fragile but are really quite strong. Hope you enjoy these. More tomorrow.
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  1. These are great, Julie! I had to take three views to take them in. 🙂

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