2 Queens and 2 Vultures

I couldn’t resist putting these together with the above title. These were all taken on the same day as yesterday’s post. The detail from a building picture is from Wednesday’s post about the rundown – but still majestic – Victorian house; the style named, of course, for Queen Victoria. Notice the mold and moss and deterioration of the detail. The other queen is a picture of the wildflower called Queen Anne’s Lace. The vultures are Turkey Vultures, one of which is eyeing me ominously with a very hungry look.eaves detailQueen Anne's Lacevultures

4 Comments on “2 Queens and 2 Vultures

  1. I think the first time you see a vulture is always a shock, they so big. When my mother-in-law passed we gathered Queen Anne’s Lace for the bouquets because it was a favorite, I imagine it still is…

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