A Victorian Lady

I love Victorian houses. While the Victorian period is typically listed as mid 19th century to 1900, most Victorian houses still standing in the United States were built toward the latter half of that period.

While driving down a country road near me, I came across a sadly rundown Victorian house that still presented herself with hints of her former beauty. The house has three porches that all appear to be original. One porch is on the northwest corner of the house, one on the southwest corner of the house, and one facing south. I took other pictures, but these are all from the porches.

The first three pictures are of the front porch. Note the two doors to the porch. The next picture is of the front porch railing and the third picture is from the wood detail under the porch (probably intended to keep animals out).
front porchporch railingporch under

The fourth picture is from the corner of the south-facing porch. And the last picture is a black-and-white image of the detail in one of the northwest porch posts. If the porches are still sound, any one of them would be a great place to sip a cool beverage on a hot day.

porch cornerdetail b&w
detail b&w

One Comment on “A Victorian Lady

  1. Great images. Is that a flower box on the steps in the first photo? Is someone living in this house?

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