A Visit to the Farm: The Rest of the Story

As we were taking pictures of the milk house, a car pulled up and a 70-something man rather gruffly asked what we thought we were doing. Once the farmer learned we were a couple of harmless old ladies interested in taking pictures of stones his demeanor changed and he smiled and said, “If you want to see some real stones, come to the house over there.”

We accepted his invitation and spent over an hour with the farmer and his wife. He showed us some very large rocks that had been pulled out of the fields, his beautiful fish-filled pond, his beagles, an old outhouse, and some lawn ornaments. He told us he was raised in the farmhouse near the milk house and had lived on his current part of that farm since 1966. We had some wonderful conversation, great picture opportunities, and an invitation to return.

A couple of old ladies with cameras found out that the gruff old grizzly was a loveable teddy bear.
door and windowred lily with fish

tirangle and globe

red lily 2

One Comment on “A Visit to the Farm: The Rest of the Story

  1. I like your version of the story, too. 🙂 The water lilies turned out really nice.

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