Black and White

117prayer bellstump and posttree shadowsMy love of serious photography grew out my exposure to the work of Ansel Adams. Some 30 years ago I used a Canon AE1 and Ilford film to take pictures. I would make my own prints from a basement darkroom.

With the move to digital photography, it seems that there is less black-and-white photography. I believe that sometimes the story you are trying to tell with a picture can best be communicated in black and white.

The first picture is from my early days. It is from a scan of a black-and-white picture of my three boys. The oldest will turn 39 next year.

The second picture is from a recent trip to photograph downtown churches. I couldn’t decide between this picture and the next, so I included them both.

The last picture was from an early Spring trip. I love the sense of mystery and drama the crooked shadows bring to the picture. Black-and-white seemed to intensify the power of this picture.

Love to hear your thoughts.

3 Comments on “Black and White

  1. Great images, Julie. I, like you, used to dabble in D&P in the good old days of Ilford…remember ID 11, Microphen? Ansel Adams’ Zone System? And the smell of those chemicals…I rarely convert to monochrome these days, but I should do more. I think if you want to concentrate on shape and/or texture, monochrome is the ticket. But you need a good digital programme – if I had the cash I would love to have Silver Efex Pro. What do you use?

  2. Nice, Julie. I personally love color but the photos you picked are perfect for B&W. I have done a few B&W but most of the time when I try B&W I go back to color. The texture of the middle one shows up very nicely and I agree with you on the shadows of the last one. I think that the lack of color of the first one, makes the note the focus of the photo which I assume is what you wanted to do. Very effective.

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