Stained Glass

For our recent photo excursion Pat and I visited five historic, downtown Jackson Michigan churches. We took pics of the gardens, exteriors, doors, and spires but we also received permission from each church to enter the church and take pictures inside. I love stained glass windows and focused (sorry about the pun) on them

Colored or stained glass goes way back into ancient times, but it wasn’t until the late fourth century that some churches had a stained-glass type of window. The ornate stained glass windows we associate with churches first appeared in Britain in the 7th century. For more on stained glass see .
round windowBibleJesus contemporary The three samples I am sharing are from three different churches (Catholic, Baptist, and Lutheran). To me, each has a different kind of beauty. In taking the pictures I metered on the windows to accentuate the light coming through the windows. The pictures were taken without flash. As always I am interested in your thoughts and comments.

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  1. Julie, you should come over and see the chapel windows at First UMC.

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