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For me, texture is one of the harder things to portray in a picture. I know what I am experiencing, but how do I convey touch in an image? What I try to do is to intensify the image,  at least to some extent. Here are some ways I have recently tried to do that.

The barn wood shows the richness of age as well as a texture that dares you to touch it with the near guarantee of a splinter. By focusing on a small corner of the barn, I tried to make that sensation clearer. The older I get the more I enjoy the richness of aged things (especially wine!).

Does water have a texture? I think it does, especially when it is moving. In this fountain image, the focus is on the water (not the fountain so much) and the touch – and maybe even taste – the water may convey to us as we look at the image.

The spider web image may make you squirm. If you have ever walked through a spider web, by accident or intention, you know well the rather nasty feeling that comes from this most delicate part of nature. I searched for a good illustration of a spider web and found this mass of webs under my elevated deck.

To help restore a positive note on texture, the dandelion photo was shot in early morning light with a dark shadowy background to intensify the image. Maybe the image brings back memories of blowing the weed’s seeds gently into the wind. It might also evoke the more negative image of weeding your garden or lawn. I do hope it also brings back the gentleness and softness of texture.

As always I am interested in whatchathink.  🙂

2 Comments on “Texture

  1. This was a very interesting discussion of the nexus of photography and texture. I thought the barn wood was an especially good example. Thank you for sharing.

  2. Great post, Julie. Wonderful capture of the spider web (yes it did make my feel yucky) and the dandelion seeds. You composed the fountain really well to draw attention to the water.

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