Two Birds and a Cat

Peacock3Bald EagleSnow LeopardFor a great photo safari, I visited Binder Park Zoo with my friend Pat on a cool but sunny day this week. It was a great trip even with the tsunamis of grade school field trips. These are my three favorite pictures of the day.

The peacock had a screeching cry that sounds like a high-pitched child calling out “help”. The sound could be heard all over the zoo. We encountered the roaming beauty (and his mate) quite a few times.

Both the snow leopard and the bald eagle were taken through glass. The telephoto zoom helped get past most of the glare and fingerprints.

After walking over three miles, we decided to take the tram back towards the zoo entrance only to find out that there would be at least a 30 minute delay due to “technical difficulties”. To pass the time (and because we wanted to do it) Pat and I had our faces painted. You can see my paint job on my Facebook page. On the way home, Pat would try to get the truckers we passed to look. Even though my joints and muscles are in open rebellion this morning, the trip still brings smiles to my face and to my heart.

4 Comments on “Two Birds and a Cat

  1. It was a great day, Julie. These photos turned out really nice.

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