Far Away and Close to Home

Bleeding HeartIris after rain

Sometimes we can be like the cow that is certain that the grass is greener on the other side of the fence. I enjoy traveling with my friend Pat (http://imissmetoo.me/) to capture road trip images. We try to go someplace once a week with our cameras. We have fun because we look at things differently (with very different photo captures) but have about the same energy threshold due to some physical problems.

I deeply enjoy these trips, but sometimes beauty is also as close as our front door. The fuchsia image was taken at the Hidden Lake Gardens Conservatory (in the conservatory with the camera by Mrs. Me – for you Clue fans). The Iris was taken after an early morning rain in the small planted area (8 square feet) between my driveway and my neighbor’s. I am happy with both images, but am moving away from flora for a time towards fauna . . . at least in terms of emphasis. I’ll always shoot what catches my quirky imagination’s eye whenever I can.

2 Comments on “Far Away and Close to Home

  1. That first picture. I like that vibrant red and how it pull out the purple and the second picture is beautiful due to the simplicity of the purple and whites. Nice photos

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