Jackson Train Station

The Jackson, Michigan train station is one of the oldest continually operating stations in the country. It opened in September 1873 and is listed in the National Register of Historic places. Presidents Taft, Eisenhower, Kennedy and Nixon all stopped here. The station has gone through a number of restorations to maintain its classic beauty.  The train station photo was shot in very early morning light with the lens at 300 mm and f/25. The ticket office window was shot at 72 mm and f/22. Traveling by train is a slow way to travel, but can allow more time to take in the passing countryside towns, and cities. Often I think the slower pace of yesteryear has a lot of advantages, but then I am rushed back to the frazzle of the day.


Train Station


Ticket Office

One Comment on “Jackson Train Station

  1. I missed these, Julie. They are beautiful – I especially like the station in the morning sun.

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