Trillium is a genus of 40-50 species that bloom in the Spring . Many species are threatened or endangered. In Michigan, trillium is illegal to pick on public lands but a species that is not endangered may be picked on private land with the landowner’s permission. This shot was taken on a shooting expedition with my friend Pat ( ). It was a mostly sunny day at Hidden Gardens near Tipton, MI. It was shot with ISO 400 with a 300mm lens at f/10 and 1/640 of a second. The relatively fast speed was needed to deal with an early morning strong breeze Much that is “forbidden” can still be enjoyed in art . . . or in life! The other images (left) were captured the same day.

Tulips mixed colors

3 Comments on “Trillium

  1. Julie, I love them. You did a great job of using the dappled sun we had. I really like the tulip against the tree. I also like how you are using the layout of this theme. Very clean and neat! Suggestion, use photography as a tag, then it will show up in the reader under the heading of photography.

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  3. Trillium is a first flower of the spring for hikers so it is a favorite for those who enjoy the out of doors. You can find them in the nurseries (I do not pick plants in the wild) so you can have them for your garden.

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